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Hi Rafiq

why do you want to set it in source? The divergence can be easily set
with the BEAM card, eventually BEAMAXES if the frame is different.


Il 27/06/2013 18:54, Mohammad Islam ha scritto:
> Dear FLUKA users and experts,
> I found a similar fluka exercise and adapted in my source
> routine. I think I made some progress in assigning UBEAM, VBEAM and
> ZBEAM value. But still I don't see what I expect. My goal here is to
> reproduce: if protons starting from a point source travel 200 cm, the
> beam diverges in angle so that the cross section at 200 cm is 20X20
> cm2 as I mentioned in my last email. I am looking forward for some
> help.
> Attached is my updated input and source routine. Thanks in advance.
> Sincerely,
> Rafiq
> On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 5:29 PM, Mohammad Islam
> <> wrote:
>> Dear FLUKA users,
>> I tried to compile a source routine for Gaussian beam distribution (in
>> angle). This can be done using BEAM card but I am trying to reproduce
>> using source routine what I see using the BEAM card. However, I am
>> unable to see what I expect. Starting from a point source (0 cm
>> diameter cross section), if a beam travels 200cm where the beam cross
>> section is 20 cm diameter, the divergence can be calculated as 0.1
>> rad. I am not sure how to use this value (0.1 rad) in UBEAM, VBEAM and
>> WBEAM in FLUKA source routine. If I put this value directly, I get
>> some weird results.I called FLNRRN for Gaussian distribution. XBEAM,
>> YBEAM and ZBEAM (the central spot of the beam) is passed from the
>> input.
>> Also, instead of 20 cm diameter, if the cross section at 200 cm is
>> 20X20 cm2, how can I incorporate this in the source routine. How can I
>> visualize the profile.
>> I attached my input and source routine. I know I am missing something
>> fundamental that I should know but I am unable to detect that. I never
>> worked on source routine and I am not familiar with Fortran. I believe
>> it should be a simple problem for FLUKA expert. I would greatly
>> appreciate any kind of help.
>> Sincerely,
>> Rafiq
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