(Anti)Neutrino issues

From: Ali Koosha <koosha.ali_at_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2013 21:09:06 +0430

Dear Fluka experts,

I'm simulating neutrino interaction events using the Fluka code.
I put a cylindrical scintillator in front of a mono-directional
beam of electron anti-neutrino (ANEUTRIE). To make the run process
be possible, I "*undiscarded*" the all 6 types of neutrino/antineutrino
particles via the following card:

DISCARD -neutrie -neutim -neutrit -aneutrie -aneutim -aneutrit

The program runs well in most cases. However, there exists some
misconceptions about what appears in the results:

(1) The attenuation occures to antineutrinos seems to be "huge"
compared to the cross sections we already know about its interactions
(see Fig below). This is strictly in contrast to the "users manual"
that says that electron and muon (anti)neutrinos are produced and trackes *
interactions. I just know that Fluka "forces" the (anti)neutrinos to
interact near the BEAMPOS, but I little know about the consequences
this might have in interpretation of results.

(1-a) It seems that there is NO working (anti)neutrino production available
in Fluka. For example occuring "Fission" reaction should result in
secondaries, but I was not able to see anything.

(1-b) I think the folliwng argument in the user's manual has ambiguities.
Please calrify what is saying by this:
"Neutrino interactions however are implemented, but independently from

(2) Reducing the primary (ANTINEUTRIE) particles' energy to 0.1 GeV, the
program crashes and "erroneously" reports that there exists to many
errors in the input file.

(3) In addition to (2), setting the energy to higher values, but also
setting the PART-THR of desired particles to values less than 0.1 GeV
will result to the same erroneous "error"!

(4) BTW it seems that the documentation about neutrino transport process in
the Fluka jargon is rather poor. A direct search will result in nothing
more than some papers of cosmic project of the Fluka team.

Ali Koosha

(image/png attachment: Spatial_Variation.png)

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