Re: (Anti)Neutrino issues

From: Ali Koosha <>
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2013 01:40:02 +0430

Thank you Alberto and Paola,
Your points are quite satisfactory regarding the various aspects of my quest=
ions. I should say that (not surprisingly) Alberto's answers are FULLY consi=
stent with the user's manual and truly elaborates contents therein. However,=
  there still remains some problems which needs clarifications.
For the moment my observation is this:
There is only one possible mode to do a neutrino run: activating the (anti)n=
eutrino tracking option via the DISCARD card. The simulation in this mode wi=
ll results in huge attenuation to neutrinos and moreover, production of a va=
st group of secondary particles. This is strictly in contrast to the documen=
tation which states that neutrino works like RAYS and/or GEANTINO which inde=
ed means that the tracking/transport process would be without any further in=
teraction with media (materials). This also would mean that the observed pat=
hs should be a straight line for each neutrino.

What remains is that how one should deal with the neutrino and its secondar=
ies fluxes (energy distribution and spatial variation/attenuation)? I meant t=
hat (as there is a force to interact neutrinos near the beam spot) what is t=
he relation between Fluka results and in the nature.

Ali Koosha=
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