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From: Anna Ferrari <>
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2013 11:59:21 +0200

Hello M. Javananabad,
to score dose in whatever point in space -as deposited energy per unit mass (DOSE) or dose equivalent - you need to define a volume around the point (you fix the size of the volume according to the accuracy you require, since the result is an average of the estimated quantity in the volume).

You can proceed in two ways:
- you explicitly define a small region around this point, and then you use a USRBIN card, requiring to score dose with the region binning option.
In your case I would just define a little sphere around the center of your sphere.
Take care at the normalization: in this case the results are not normalized per unit volume (see Manual: USRBIN card, 13) ), this means you have to divide the FLUKA result for the region volume.

- you use the USRBIN card requiring to score dose with a spatial binning, and then you look at the bin corresponding to your point.
  The fastest way is to define a unique bin -for example a small cube- around your point. That's all, you get the result already normalized per unit volume (as GeV/g per primary particle if you score dose, as pSv per primary particle if you score dose equivalent).


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Hi dear friends
How i can score dose in the center of a sphere?
Pleas help me
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