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Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2013 10:57:35 +0000

Dear Marzieh,

I think you are missing some physical process in your explanation. Considering that your primary particles are protons and that your "tar2" region is composed of Zn-66 (in addition to oxygen), I would assume that Ga-67 can result from radiative proton capture (Zn-66(p,gamma)Ga-67). Looking into some of the particular events where Ga-67 isotopes are produced, I indeed see that it is the primary proton which has an interaction at the position where Ga-67 is produced.

Cheers, Anton

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Dear users,

The attached files are my input file and the obtained results which I got from running the input file.

I feel there is contradiction between the obtained results using FLUKA code.

RESNUCLEi card shows 67Ga can be produced with 1.4 MBq activity into the tar2 region while USRBIN shows that there are not deuteron into the tar2 region. On the other hand, 67Ga can be produced only using deuteron produced into the tar1 region by (p,d) reaction.

I would be grateful if somebody can help me.

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