[fluka-discuss]: About USRBDX card

From: Amit Kumar <amit.live.sal_at_gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2013 15:30:29 +0530

Dear Fluka users

I am using USRBDX card to get number (or fluence per primary) of photons
crossing a boundary between two regions. But, I am not getting fluence
below E-06 (i.e. 0.000001) as non-Zero, means all values below E-06 is
considered to be Zero by USRBDX. Perhaps E-06 is the minimum limit that
USRBDX can give as non-Zero.

1. Please clarify my doubt wether E-06 is the minimum limit that USRBDX can
calculate as non-Zero.
2. If this is true, then, can we set the minimum limit as low as we want so
that I can get photon fluence using USRBDX like E-11 or E-15.

Any kind of assistance will be appreciable.

Amit Kumar
Bhaha Atomic Research Centre
Mumbai, INDIA
Phone No. : 022-25592841
Mobile Number: 9969799819
Alt. Email Id. amitkumar_at_barc.gov.in
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