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From: Paola Sala <>
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2014 14:42:34 +0100

Dear Francesco
the easiest and safest way is to avoid as far as possible the use of
mgdraw for scoring.
In your case, maybe you can try to use the EVENTBIN structure with
what(1)=8.0 : Special user-defined 3D binning.
With this, energy is scored in a three-dimensional structure, with "axis"
that can be user-defined variables. The default "axis" already include
region and lattice number (see the manual for details).

 Variable # Type Default Override routine
     1st integer region number MUSRBR
     2nd integer lattice cell number LUSRBL
     3rd continuous pseudo-rapidity FUSRBV

Description on how to re-read the eventbin results are in the manual
(spread among the EVENTBIN and USRBIN sections...)

To answer your question : MLATTC=0 means that the particle is either in a
non-lattice region, or in the "basic cell" used as definition of the
replicated cells.
Hope it helps

> Dear FLUKA users,
> I am pretty new in FLUKA and I need to extract data event-by-event about
> energy deposition in a detector. To accomplish this task I am using the
> subroutine MGDRAW in mgdraw.f and also the entry ENDRAW in the same file.
> Since the detector consists of several identical blocks, I am using a
> lattice geometry. The detector region is placed in a parking inside the
> blackbody, and then should be accessible by particles only through lattice
> transformation.
> I'm confused on how to get the correct lattice number in MGDRAW, in order
> to recognise in which detector "copy" there is energy deposition. I
> included the common LTCLCM to use the variable MLATTC, but in some cases I
> have energy deposition (i.e. DTRACK or RULL not zero) in the detector
> region with MLATTC = 0. In this cases I check the variables Lt1trk and
> Lt2trk of TRACKR (which contains "initial or final lattice cell of the
> current track") and they have a non-zero number.
> I think I followed step-by-step the "geometry" lesson of the advanced
> FLUKA course....
> Any suggestion?
> Thank you in advance
> Francesco Pennazio

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