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Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2014 11:22:32 +0000

Dear All

I have still been struggling with this problem. From further reading I think my approach is definitely incorrect.
From my understanding it seems in order to score a quantity this quantity must first 'flow' within FLUKA. Am I correct?

If my understanding is correct I then need to instead identify the method by which the isotope would be produced. I believe this is an (n, gamma) reaction, and then I would score the flow of specific energy gamma rays across boundaries? Would this be the correct approach?

Having read this post http://www.fluka.org/web_archive/earchive/new-fluka-discuss/0936.html it seems like I am trying to do something similar, but I have so far been unsuccessful in being able to score the specific gamma rays using USRBDX and EMFCUT. I was also not able to find the lecture specified in the link.

Many thanks for any advice anyone is able to give with any of this,

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Subject: Computing the distribution of an isotope over the entire geometry

Dear All

I have a couple of (hopefully) quick questions...

I have a geometry comprising many regions. I wish to compute the distribution of a certain isotope over the entire geometry, after bombardment with a proton beam.

Initially I had hoped to achieve this with a combination of USRBIN and AUXSCORE cards. However I had no luck, and after further reading, specifically: http://www.fluka.org/web_archive/earchive/new-fluka-discuss/1453.html , I decided that this was not a good approach.

As suggested in the above link I attempted to use a USRBDX, with both one-way and two-way current scoring along with AUXSCORE over all of the different boundaries between my many regions. This was marginally more successful, using the ALL-PART selection I saw some results, but when using AUXSCORE to select a specific Z and A I saw nothing.

This was confusing since I had also tried using a RESNUCLEi for each region, to ensure the isotope I wanted to see had been produced. In some regions I could see the isotope, but not in others.

1) Is anyone able to confirm the correct approach for computing the distribution of a certain isotope over an entire geometry?

2) And then the best way to visualise this? I was hoping for something similar to a USRBIN 2D projection, but I am now not sure if this is going to be possible.

Many thanks for any clarification / suggestions on the best way for me to proceed.


Hayley Smith

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