Re: [fluka-discuss]: Region volume setting for SCORE card

From: Francesco Cerutti <>
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2014 21:00:10 +0100


what you sent are not at all the GEOBEGIN and REGION cards, but the
GEOGEGIN and REGION Flair metacards. One thing is the input file, another
thing is its Flair rendering. When everything works fine, you can forget
that the reality and its image are not the same thing and happily rely on
the latter (see e.g. - apart from philosophy references - But when something goes wrong as
in your case - input volumes not taken due to a Flair bug as demonstrated
by the output file table - then it turns out to be useful to be aware of
the existence of different levels.
You have two options. If you take the challenge of the disturbing
awareness, open the input file with any editor (but Flair!) like emacs,
vi, nano, whatever. You will discover what all FLUKA users were directly
handling in the dark years prior to Flair. There you will see what is
intended with cards. And you could add a "3" in the position indicated by
the manual on the row following the GEOBEGIN card as well as your volume
list between the GEOEND card and the region END card just above. In that
dreadful world, you will have to pay attention to format rules (normally
silently handled by Flair) and my obscure prescription "10 fields per
region, 7 regions per row" will find its precious meaning (as many other
manual's instructions made obsolete by Flair). After that, if you manage
to resist entering Flair immediately, you might be tempted to try to
launch your FLUKA run from a command line:
$FLUPRO/flutil/rfluka -M1 myinput[.inp]
(removing the .inp suffix)
This way, a successful output with your region volumes in the SCORE table
will be produced.
The other - perhaps advisable - option is to forget this disquieting post
(the last of my week, I promise) and wait for the next Flair release,
where it will be enough to input the volume in the respective region
metacard field.



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On Fri, 28 Feb 2014, Mina Nozar wrote:

> Dear Francesco,
> I have one more question which is on assigning volumes to region and not
> specific to scoring DOSE.
> I am not clear what "write the volumes (in fixed format: 10 fields per
> region, 7 regions per row)" means and I can't find it in the manual.
> See the images for the GEOBEGIN and REGION cards.  It is true that flair
> 1.1-3 doesn't show the 680 cm3 as the volume for the LIC_oc region but that
> is not what we were referring to.  We were referring to the results in the
> .out files where the LIC_oc region volume is reported as 1 under the region
> summary report:
> 1Region # name     volume            ENERGY  Density          EM-ENRGY
> Density     Star Density                Star Density  
>                                   cm**3           
> GeV/cm**3                   GeV/cm**3              Stars/cm**3             
>   Stars/cm**3         
>                                                       /one beam particle    
>      /one beam particle   /one beam particle      /one beam particle
>  8          LIC_ic     1.0000D+00        1.250409D-06             
> 1.250409D-06           0.0000D+00              0.00000D+00
> I have truncated the numbers to make things fit in one line.   Are we
> supposed to see 680 under the volume column?  If so, what did we do wrong?
> Thank you and best wishes,
> Mina
> On 14-02-27 02:02 AM, Francesco Cerutti wrote:
> Hallo Mina & Martin,
> Coming now to your case 2b, if you follow the manual and set
> IVLFLG = 3 in the geometry title card and write the volumes (in
> fixed format: 10 fields per region, 7 regions per row) before
> the GEOEND card (after the region END card), everything works as
> expected: the SCORE values will get normalized by your volumes
> and the latter ones will appear in the volume column. You still
> got default volume values of 1cm3 due to a Flair bug, not
> translating correctly what was input in the region metacard
> under the Volume label. This is going to be fixed in the next
> Flair version (by the way, Flair 2 is coming!), but it gives me
> the nasty opportunity to remind people that in case of problems
> and unexpected behaviors one should look at the input file as
> actually fed to FLUKA, leaving for a little while the wonderful
> Flair world and using a trivial text editor to inspect what is
> underneath.
> Best wishes
> Francesco
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> Francesco Cerutti
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> Switzerland
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> fax  ++41 22 7668854
> On Thu, 27 Feb 2014, Mina Nozar wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> We are trying to score Absorbed Dose in a given
> region.  We have tried two scoring methods:
> 1) via a USRBIN card with REGION binning and DOSE as
> the quantity scored
> and
> 2) via a SCORE card and Energy as the quantity
> scored, with no volume input (case 2a) and with
> volume input (case 2b).
> According to the manual, we should get
> - GeV/g per primary for option 1
> - GeV per primary for option 2a
> - GeV/cm3 per primary for option 2b
> As for the volume setting for the SCORE card, we set
> IVFLG to 3 in the GEOBIN title card and inputted the
> region volume in the geometry region card for the
> region.
> We are seeing some discrepancies.  The value we get
> from SCORE (with no volume setting, case 2a) agrees
> with the value from the USRBIN, if we divide the
> SCORE value by the density.  This implies that the
> SCORE value is GeV/cm3 per primary which doesn't
> agree with what is in the manual.
> Furthermore, when we do set the volume, following
> the instructions above, we still see a value of
> 1.000000000D+00 for the region's volume and the same
> deposited energy value as in case 2a.
> This is a source of confusion for us and we are
> eager to find whether we are missing something.  Can
> someone shed some light on this please?
> Is there another way to score absorbed dose in a
> region?
> Thank you very much,
> Mina & Martin
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