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have a look at this thread:

One can score kerma by setting the electron and positron cut-off to a very
large value. So your 2nd question partially answers the 1st one. In order
to set the kinetic energy transport cutoff for electrons and positrons, use
the EMFCUT card.


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> Dear all,
> I am using Fluka for gamma radiation transport studies.
> I wanted to know
> 1. How do I score collision kerma in my region of interest?
> 2. How do I set the cutoff energy for photons and secondary electrons
> below which the history is terminated and the remaining energy is
> deposited in the region (This, of course, is required in the case if I
> have to arrive at collision kerma from absorbed dose (scored by using
> USRBIN) and my region of interest is not large enough to achieve
> charged-particle equilibrium)?
> Any helpful reply will be highly appreciated.
> Pratip Mitra
> BARC, India
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