[fluka-discuss]: FORMFU

From: Senger, Anna Dr. <A.Senger_at_gsi.de>
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2014 08:20:46 +0000

Dear FLUKA experts.
I would like to run FORMFU.
In FLUKA description:
"The function is called by the multiple and single scattering routines if option MULSOPT<http://www.fluka.org/fluka.php?id=man_onl&sub=54> has been issued with WHAT(3) <t 0.0 for electrons and positrons, and WHAT(2) < 0.0 for hadrons and muons. See Note 2) to option MULSOPT<http://www.fluka.org/fluka.php?id=man_onl&sub=54>."
But now in FLAIR WHAT(3) = -1 and -2 are corrections (1st - 2nd + Finite size) for electrons. I tried to put -6 in text file, but for FLAIR it is error, and nevertheless the FORMFU was not run.
How I can run FORMFU?

Best regards
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