[fluka-discuss]: Normalization USRBDX & USRYIELD

From: <Vegard.Gjerde_at_student.uib.no>
Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2014 18:13:45 +0200

Dear Fluka users,

I have a couple of questions regarding normalization. (20-1000 MeV
proton beam impinging on uranium target (converter material) with
silicon detector behind)

I use Yield with particle charge as first quantity and kinetic energy
as second quantity to score. The particle charge is from 5.5 to 95.5
in 90 bins and the energy is from 10-200 MeV. Plain double.

Now, how do I normalize this so that I get counts per primary for each
atomic number? An explanation of why would be much appreciated.

Also, what is the difference between "Emerging" and doing it from
region to region? Is emerging for the entire geometry, while region to
region is only those produced within the chosen regions?

I use one-way fluence of heavy ions with linear energy and linear
solid angle. The energy is in the range of 0.01 GeV to 0.15 GeV with
150 bins. The area is 1 cm^2.

How do I normalize it so that I get fluence per primary? Looking at
the manual I think the correct way might be to multiply the y-axis
with 2*pi*1e-3, as the solid angle is 2*pi and the width of the bins
are 0.001 GeV. Is this correct?

Input file is attached.

Best regards,
Vegard Gjerde

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