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Dear Dr. Vittorio
i am using ubuntu 11.4, 32 bit architecture. I have gfortran. I want to
install latest of FLUKA. I set the variable FLUFOR=gfortran but i am
getting the error after several steps of compilation that
g77 not found error no. 127
thanks for your help
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Dear Shakeel,
  saying that you copied FLUKA on Ubuntu is a bit too few to troubleshoot
your problem.
Which Ubuntu version and which architecture, which compilers do have
installed? Which was the FLUKA version and architecture in your previous

In principle you need to reinstall FLUKA and recompile it. Follow the
installation instruction on the manual or the ones on the website.

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Dear Sir,
I copied FLUKA on Ubuntu but when I run make file it gives the error that
g77 not found. Can any body help me how to install g77 on Ubuntu or any
other solution.
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