Re: [fluka-discuss]: mysterious error from PHNCEV?

From: Francesco Cerutti <>
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2014 09:33:00 +0200

Dear Joshua,

since the reported crash looks very rare, we need your collaboration to
reproduce it. Thanks for sending us the input file, possible ancillary
files (user routines and - if any - respective input data files), and
especially the relevant random seed file (the one you find in the
temporary directory of the crashed run, i.e. fluka_###/ran*). Which
version do you use: g77 or gfortran?
I tend not to believe that this is symptomatic of a bigger problem, but
certainly deserves to be fixed.

Kind regards


Francesco Cerutti
CH-1211 Geneva 23
tel. ++41 22 7678962
fax ++41 22 7668854

On Sun, 3 Aug 2014, Joshua Albert wrote:

> Dear experts,
> I have been simulating cosmogenic neutron production in FLUKA, sending muons through my geometry and looking at the products. Things have been going well, I have successfully generated millions of events, but I have found one of my runs failed with a strange error message:
> ^^^ENPHNC,PNPHNC,IMAT 0.15270310031668588 0.15270320138788260 34
> Abort called from PHNCEV reason STOP:PHNCEV-VIRTUAL-PHOT-REJEC-INT Run stopped!
> That error (all 3 lines) appears at the end of the .out file, and the second 2 lines of it appear in the .err file, and the last line appears in the .log file. I canąt seem to find PHNCEV discussed anywhere, nor this error message. Does anyone know what causes this? It is obviously very rare, but Iąd like to understand it, so I know it isnąt symptomatic of a bigger problem.
> Thank you,
> Josh
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