[fluka-discuss]: Source.f-routine

From: Kilian-Simon Baumann <kilian-simon.baumann_at_kmub.thm.de>
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2014 14:06:37 +0200

Dear Fluka-experts,

we are calculating the particle transport in the nozzle of a particle
therapy device.
In this nozzle there are eleven identical foils. Since these foils are not
homogeneous but have a mesh-like structure, the building of these foils
using cylinders is either complex and the calculation time is very high.
The mesh-like structure results in a shift and broadening of the
bragg-peak in a water-phantom behind these foils.
In order to reduce the calculation time, we had the idea to implement
homogeneous foils (give us the shift in the bragg-peak) and vary the
thickness of these foils using a source.f-routine. With a gaussian
distribtuion we are able to change the postion of the exit face of one
foil event by event (to get the broadening of the bragg-peak).
However, since we have eleven foils we would need to apply the
source.f-routine 11 times, for each foil.
My question now is: How can we achieve this in Fluka? I tried to use 11
source-cards, each adjusted to on of the 11 foils and calling the
source.f-routine, however in the run the source.f-routine is called only
one time, for the last of the eleven foils...

Thanking you in advance!
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