RE: [fluka-discuss]: USRTRACK increase maximum number of cards allowed

From: Ferreira De Almeida Lourenco, Ana <>
Date: Sat, 4 Oct 2014 14:03:23 +0000

Dear Francesco,

Many thanks for your reply!

I need 500 cards. I'm computing the fluence correction factor for a 200 MeV proton beam. In order to compute this I need to score fluence differential in energy for each particle (BEAMPART, protons, deuterons, tritons, alphas, He3 and electrons) in depth. Since a 200 MeV proton has a range of 25 cm, scoring in intervals of 0.4 mm, (25/0.4)*7 ~ 438 cards.

Many thanks,
De: Francesco Cerutti <>
Enviado: 3 de outubro de 2014 21:25
Para: Ferreira De Almeida Lourenco, Ana
Assunto: Re: [fluka-discuss]: USRTRACK increase maximum number of cards allowed

Dear Ana,

how many USRTRACK cards do you need?
Actually that note of the manual is definitely misleading: of course you
cannot recompile the FLUKA core routines, since you have them precompiled
in the libflukahp.a library, therefore you should not touch the content of
the common blocks in the flukapro directory (which is consistent with the
core library). The solution would be to release a version with MXUSTC
increased, hence my initial question (based on the consideration that 400
scoring cards of this kind look already quite many).

Kind regards


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On Thu, 2 Oct 2014, Ferreira De Almeida Lourenco, Ana wrote:

> Dear Fluka experts,
> I would like to increase the maximum number of USRTRACK cards allowed. I have
> changed the value MXUSTC from (USRTRC) file from flukapro folder, and
> re-compiling FLUKA, but it is not working...
> Could please someone tell me what I am doing wrong? How can I link it to
> From the manual:
> The maximum number of tracklength + collision detectors (see option USRCOLL)
> that the user can define is 400 .This value can be changed by modifying the
> parameter MXUSTC in member USRTRC of the flukadd library or directory and
> then re-compiling and linking FLUKA.
> I would very much appreciate any help.
> Many thanks,
> Ana
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