[fluka-discuss]: RE: 16O(p,px) cross sections for 100MeV protons

From: Staffan Engdahl <staffan.engdahl_at_raysearchlabs.com>
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2014 17:38:08 +0000

Dear FLUKA-experts,

I am investigating the production of secondary protons in a proton beam by comparing data from ICRU report 63 with FLUKA. More specifically I am looking at cross sections for the production of secondary protons over secondary proton energy and I have now run in to some issues. I would be grateful if you had the time to answer a few questions regarding my FLUKA simulations.
The results are reasonable except for that my FLUKA results lack the high energy peak which can be observed in most papers on the subject. Instead, the yield dies around 90 MeV in my simulations (see the figure FLUKA_ICRU.png). I am using the USRYIELD scoring card to score cross sections and I am only looking at scoring the particles emerging from inelastic nuclear collisions (What(4) = -1 and What(5) = -2). Surely, the high energy secondary protons should be included there?
See "FLUKA_ICRU.png".
Would you have any idea why my simulations do not produce the same characteristics with increased yield of these high energetic secondary protons around 90MeV?
Since the PEANUT model is taking care of the hadron nucleon interactions in FLUKA I read up on PEANUT to see what's included in the model and I ran in to this publication on the topic of PEANUT validation:
Where on page 7 you can find this figure (where the beam energy is 62MeV and target is 12C and not 100MeV and target 16O as in my case):
See "12C(p,px)62MeVProtons.png".
Here the high energy peak is clearly visible around 55-60MeV, so it's obvious that FLUKA is able to produce these protons.

I'm also attaching my input card "Proton16Osigma.inp".

Thank you in advance!

Best regards,

Staffan Engdahl
RaySearch Laboratories

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