From: Helga Holmestad <helga.holmestad_at_cern.ch>
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2015 08:49:12 +0000

Dear experts

What is the best way to find the time of arrival on a detector on an event by event basis.

The setup is:
I have a straight beam of anti-protons at 5.3 MeV.
The antiprotons first goes trough an aliminum foil, this makes the antiprotons have different energy and they are cattered. Then they go trough a thin collimator, and because of the scattering some will annihilate on the walls of the collimator. The collimator has a length of 20 cm, and the detector is placed 40 cm away from the end of the collimator. I need to find the time of arrival on the detector, both if an antiproton hits the detector or if a fragment from a decay in the collimator arrives at the detector.

I have attached the inputfile I am using

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