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Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2015 08:21:53 -0800 (PST)

Hello Nkanyiso,

I made some changes to your input file and ran it.

0) Your reactions is Li(p,n)Be. So Protons on Li. You had Be for the
material of your target. I changed it to Li.

1) Annular beam (R_in = 0.7 cm, R_out = 1.2 cm) to (R_in = 0, R_out = 0.5)
I did this to get more statistics since your target is a 1x1x1 cm cube.
Is this really the setup you did your measurement? i.e. annular beam with
R_in = 0.7 cm, R_out = 1.2 cm on a 1x1x1 cm cube?

2) Changed number of bins for omega in the USRBDX cards from 10 to 1.

3) Added two USRBIN estimators to looks at Beam particle and Neutron
spacial distributions. (My recommendation is "ALWAYS look at where your
beam distribution to make sure you have set up your beam correctly").

4) Added two USRTRACK estimators to look at the Neutron fluence
distributions in the two detectors.

5) Took out the unnecessary EMF card.

6) Added a flair project to look at a few plots of the produced

I ran the project for 150M primaries to get reasonable statistics. I am
looking at the distributions from home so can't quite compare with the
measurements. Take a look and see for yourself and report back.

Best wishes,

> Sorry I have captured the wrong picture for measured spectrum
> Here in the right one
> Regards
> N.R Mantengu
> On Wed, Feb 18, 2015 at 6:05 PM, NKANYISO ROBERT Mantengu <
>> wrote:
>> Dear Fluka experts,
>> Can someone help me out here I'm transporting neutron fluence using
>> card, but the spectra that I get doesn't seam to be consistent with the
>> measured one.
>> Here is the input file and the spectra
>> any comment or advice will be appreciated.
>> #Sorry for the units in the calculated spectra, but its Energy in GeV on
>> X
>> axis and its fluence in part/GeV/cm^2 on Y axis
>> Regards
>> N.R Mantengu

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