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From: Anna Ferrari <>
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Dear Ebrahimi,
as you have already noticed you cannot implement with the lattice card a so
huge number of bodies.
Taking in mind that trying to study with FLUKA effects at the nanoscale level
has little or no meaning (the physics of the radiation has a different scale,
in general it is reasonable to go just a bit below the smallest interaction
length you have in your system), you can in any case ty to find an approximate

If your nanospheres are put in another material you can simply define a
compound that includes nanospheres + material around and assign to it the
corresponding average density.
If nanospheres are in vacuum (but only in this case) you can do better: you
assign to the nanosphere + volume around the same material with the
corresponding average density, then you can use the MAT-PROP card to define
properly, via the what(2), the local density of the nanospheres and override
the average ionisation potential.
In this way a local microscopic (in your case nanoscopic) density wil be set
and will properly take into account the density effect in dE/dx treatment
(since you have 1 nanosphere per cube micrometer, the difference between
average and local density is important).

Hope it helps,
Kind regards,

Am Wed, 18 Feb 2015 13:41:16 +0330 schrieb
> Dear FLUKA Authors,
> To simulate a lot of spheres (10 ^ 12) with the nanoscale in a particular
> cubic volume (1cm ^ 3), What do you recommend? It seems that using the
> lattice card due to the increased number of regions is not appropriate!
> Best Regards.
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