[fluka-discuss]: Flair v 2.1-4 Plotting Error

From: Bartkoski,Dirk Alan <DABartkoski_at_mdanderson.org>
Date: Fri, 8 May 2015 18:20:30 +0000

There seems to be an issue with the new version of Flair 2.1-4 plotting. It gives an error any time I try to plot a geometry over my data plot. The error line is

line 0: Need 1 or 3 columns for cartesian data

It seems to be referring to a change in the gnuplot command for the geometry addition. For example the Flair gnuplot line issued is

splot 'Full_XZ_100_MeV_35cm.dat' us 2:1:(($3)*37864.4) notitle, 'Full_XZ_100MeV_35cm.geo.dat' ind 0 us 3:5 w l ls 1 notit
the issue seems to be that Flair is trying to use splot without the third column designator. Looking at the SVN revision history it appears to have been changed in the following lines

if self.engine.version() > 4.2:
                plotgeo = ",'%s.dat' ind 0 us %d:%d w l ls 1 notit" \
                                % (name, u1, u2)
                plotgeo = ",'%s.dat' ind 0 us %d:%d:(1E99) w l ls 1 notit" \
                                % (name, u1, u2)

I have gnuplot 4.6 but splot is still looking for 3 column entries.
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