Re: [fluka-discuss]: increase MXXRGN parameter

From: belgin piliçer <>
Date: Fri, 8 May 2015 15:43:22 +0200

Hi Anton,
Thanks for your reply.
I have a geometry in GDML format and then importing it into FLUKA.
With your comments, I will try to manipulate the geometry afterwards.
Thanks again,

2015-05-08 11:06 GMT+02:00 Anton Lechner <>:

> Dear Belgin,
> Unfortunately, it is not possible for users to increase the MXXRGN value
> by themselves since this value is used in the precompiled libflukahp.a
> library. Isn't there any way to reduce the number or regions in your
> geometry, for example by using lattices to avoid region duplication for
> repeated structures? Maybe you could also merge regions if they have the
> same material assigned (i.e. you could create a region with more zones).
> Cheers, Anton
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> Hello everybody,
> I have a geometry file which consists of a lot of regions (~30k).
> I doubled the MXXRGN parameter to 40000 in the include file DIMPAR,
> since GLOBAL card allows us maximum 10k regions, as explained in the
> manual.* And I recompiled FLUKA by typing "make clean; make". But this did
> not change number of maximum regions. It still gives the same error as in
> the attached log file.
> What should I do to overcome this issue?
> Best regards,
> Belgin
> *The "hard" limit of 10000 regions represents the maximum that can be
> obtained without recompiling the program. It can be overridden, but only by
> increasing the value of variable MXXRGN in the INCLUDE file DIMPAR and
> recompiling the whole code. In this case, however, it is likely that the
> size of variable NBLNMX in INCLUDE file BLNKCM will have to be increased
> too.

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