[fluka-discuss]: Importance biasing with BIASING-Card

From: Alexander Götzelmann (alexander.goetzelmann_at_hs-furtwangen.de) <(alexander.goetzelmann_at_hs-furtwangen.de)>
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2015 17:58:00 +0200 (CEST)

Dear FLUKA- Users,

Object of my Simulation is a Container for radioactive waste (=boron water);
Co-60 volume beam. I want to score the fluence (caused by primaries) outside the
container. For scoring I created a sphere of air und used USRTRACK to score the
fluence inside this sphere.

I want to apply Importance Biasing on my Simulation. I want good statistics only
in the direction of the detector, so I cut a part of the wall in several layers
(each has the thickness of one half-value-layer). With each layer I doubled the
Importance to compensate the attenuation.

I run the simulation with 5*200000 Primarys. The USRBIN-plot seems strange to
me. Am I right in the assumption, that despite the too small number of
primaries, the USRBIN-plot should show a much larger fluence in the direction of
my interest.

My suspicion is that my BIASING-Cards are ignored by FLUKA?!
Please can somebody explain the problem and optimally correct my inpit-file (see
the attachment).

Best regards,

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