[fluka-discuss]: Number of primaries when using source.f

From: Hamideh Jalali <jalali.hb_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 2 Aug 2015 19:52:51 +0430

Dear FLUKA users

We know the fluka results (fluence, dose, deposited energy and ...) are
reported per primary particle, so we should multiply the fluka results by
the number of primary particles to get the final value of our desired
quantities. For example when we have an electron beam with a certain
current, the number of primaries is determined by the current of beam
In my case I have a number of photons which have different energies. In
other word, in my FLUX.dat file there are two columns, first column is
energy(E) and second is photon/s/energy(F). I used this file to program a
Maybe there is a kind of misunderstanding with me about the calculation of
the number of whole photons or primaries per second. I think, to get the
whole number of photons I should multiply the second column in dat
file(photon/sec/energy) by first column (energy). Then sum up all photon/s
to find the final number of primaries per second. The fluka results should
be multiplied by this number to get my desired quantity(dose equivalent
rate in my problem).
But by using this way, my final results are much more than expected values.

There are some other methods to calculate the number of primaries:
Sigma( (Ei+1 - Ei) * Fi )

Sigma( (Ei + Ei+1) / 2) * Fi)

Sigma ( (Ei+1 - Ei) *( Fi+1 + Fi))

Sigma( (Ei + Ei+1) / 2) * (Fi + Fi+1))

Could you please guide me which one is correct?
I hope I could have explained clearly what I mean.

Kind Regards

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