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What will be the units of the DOSE-EQ and the fluence scored using the USRBIN cards.

pSv/decay and cm-2/decay


N.R. Mantengu

On Thu, Jul 16, 2015 at 4:22 PM, Alberto Fasso <<>> wrote:
Dear Nkanyiso,

everything is explained in detail (and, I think, very clearly) in
this Note to command BEAM in the Manual.

8) When the radiation source is a radioactive isotope, requested
   by SDUM = ISOTOPE and defined by command HI-PROPErt, special
   rules must be observed. Note that if a stable isotope is input,
   nothing will occur, and no particle will be transported. On the
   other hand, if the isotope is radioactive, it will be necessary
   to request decay in semi-analogue mode (command RADDECAY with
   WHAT(1) > 1). If RADDECAY is not requested, nothing will occur,
   and no particle will be transported. Commands IRRPROFI and
   DCYTIMES are not allowed: decay secondaries are sampled over
   the whole decay time from zero to infinity, and all scoring will
   refer to the time integral of isotope activity (dose, fluence,
   current, yield or residual nuclei PER DECAY, not the
   corresponding rates at particular decay times as it happens in
   the "activation study" mode).
   Important: to score any quantity, command DCYSCORE must be
   issued with WHAT(1) = -1, and must be applying to all relevant
   estimators and detectors. Without DCYSCORE, no scoring will
   occur. For time-dependent calculations (see TCQUENCH, TIME-CUT)
   it is to be noted that transport of isotope decay secondaries
   starts with an age equal to the time of decay.


On Thu, 16 Jul 2015, NKANYISO ROBERT Mantengu wrote:

Sorry Joachim, I'm confused again on how do I normalize my score quantities to my 230-Th source activity,
because the scoring cards are scoring DOSE-EQ and the FLUENCE.

Here is the input file.

N.R. Mantengu

On Thu, Jun 11, 2015 at 11:44 AM, NKANYISO ROBERT Mantengu <<>> wrote:
      Thank you Joachim, this is what I was looking for.


On Wed, Jun 10, 2015 at 5:27 PM, Joachim Vollaire <<>> wrote:

      Hi Nkanyiso,

      Just to be sure, you want to use a radioactive isotope as a volumic source ? Not a particle
      beam, is this correct ?

      If this is the case, in the example below I am defining a cylindrical shape Tl-204 source
      (you can overlay the source to a material in the geometry if the radionuclides are within a
      matrix material):


      BEAMPOS 0.0 0.15 0.0 0.24 0.0 CYLI-VOL

      BEAMPOS 0.0 0.0 -0.125

      HI-PROPE 81. 204.


      Activate the decay in semi-analogue mode

      RADDECAY 2.0


      Use -1.0 for the card below as you are in semi-analogue mode

      DCYSCORE -1.0 0. 0. DR-All DR-All USRBIN



      USRBIN 10.0 DOSE-EQ -45.0 80.0 0.4 80.0DR-All

      USRBIN -80.0 -0.4 -80.0 160.0 1.0 160.0&


      Your results will be normalized per decay of the radionuclides defined with the HI-PROPE
      card. If you have a xxx Bq source then you have to normalize the score quantities to your
      source activity

      Hoping this help


      From: NKANYISO ROBERT Mantengu [<>]
      Sent: 10 June 2015 12:03
      Cc: Joachim Vollaire
      Subject: Definition of Radioactive Target

      Dear FLUKA users,

I have a problem with defining the radioactive target, where I will just measure the activity of
the target without hitting it with a beam.

Any idea will be appreciated.


N.R Mantengu

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