[fluka-discuss]: Re: Modelling a polychromatic X-ray source

From: Fasso, Alberto <fasso_at_slac.stanford.edu>
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Dear Faith,
in your source routine you have:
    DO I = 1, NMAX
         IF ( XI .LT. CUM(I)) GOTO 1201
      END DO
C Determaining the energy inside bin I according to linear spectrum
      XI = (XI - CUM(I - 1)) / (CUM(I) - CUM(I - 1))

But variable I (for instance in CUM(I-1)) has no defined value. When you exit
the DO loop just above, the value of I is lost. You must save it if you want to use it.



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Hi all,

I had some help a while back with creating a polychromatic X-ray source using a modified source.f file and a .dat file with the spectrum info in.

This worked fine with the spectrum.dat file given to me but when i try to recreate this with a spectrum of my choosing the simulation won't run and just *times out*

I was wondering if any of you know what I am doing wrong?

I have attached the input file, modified source file and the spectrum data i am trying to use.


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