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Dear Sir,

    I have done the same thing. But still then I am not getting the
expected result.

  actually, I want to score the dose due to mono-energetic electron beam
in Kev to few Mev range. For that I want to sample source same like
'SOURCE NO. 1' in EGSnrc code (egs_inprz). It is said in the manual that
for simulating Kev range electron I have to put on the single scattering
    In 'MULSOPT'card I have set Type:GLOBEMF,Min step:0.2,optimal:0.2,
SS:ON,#scattering:100, E<Moliere: on.Others options are kept at
default value. Is this setting is Correct or I have to change it?
    I have set ECUT and PCUT as 1 Kev.
  By doing these also, I am not getting expected result.

So, if you kindly give some hints regarding the above setting and the
design of Source same like SOURCE NO.1 as EGSnrc(i.e. point source on axis
incident from front) then it will be helpful to me.

  Thanking you in advance.

> Dear Arghya Chattaraj,
> if I understand correctly, your question
> you need a flat angular distribution over 10 cm at 20 cm from source
> This means a an angular interval = 2*atan(5/20)=0.48996 radians=489.96
> milliradians
> You'll have to set the third WHAT in the BEAM card to a positive value
> equal to 489.96
> Regards
> Paola
>> Dear Fluka experts,
>> I want to design one collimated diverging point source in Fluka.
>> The
>> source specification is as below,
>> The distance between point source and medium is 20cm. Beam is
>> circular and directed along positive Z-axis. Beam diameter at the
>> medium surface is 10 cm.
>> I have designed this type of source using 'Beam Card' divergence
>> option.
>> What is the correct procedure to calculate beam divergence in Fluka and
>> how to design this type of source?
>> I would like to get any kind of your advice regarding these two.
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Arghya Chattaraj
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