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Dear Zafar,
For study of neutrons detector, FLUKA can transport recoils from neutron interactions only from 6-Li and 10-B (by requesting pointwise cross section specifically). However it is not the case for He-3 reaction recoils product for which the energy is deposited at the point of interaction (so it would not be possible to study energy deposition and wall effects for example....) . Still you can score different quantities in your detector volume. For example, with the energy dependant fluence spectra (USRTRACK as you suggest) you can fold the spectra with the He-3 cross section and calculate the reaction rate (considering also the atomic density of He-3 atoms) in the 32 volumes and see with the different source configurations how it changes.

Hoping this help

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Dear FLUKA experts and users,

I have 4 pi 3He neutron detector modeled using FLUKA. 31 cylindrical type 3He tubes in the form of three concentric
rings are embedded in a polyethylene moderator. Cross sectional view of the detector is shown below.


The source at the centre of the detector may be directly neutrons or neutrons produced by bombarding photons on lead target placed at the centre.
By using 32 USRTRACK scoring options I can calculate the fluence/flux of each detector. How can I calculate the reaction rate and efficiency
of the detector? i.e convertion of fluence to reaction rate.

My colleagues have the reaction rate and efficiencies calculated using GEANT4 and we want to compare them with FLUKA.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

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