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From: Trinh Ngoc-Duy <>
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 2015 10:19:32 +0000

Dear Sir,

Thank you so much for your answer.

But some one tell me that that some months ago, this threshold for deuteron, 3He were at 150MeV/nucleon. Could you please confirm this point for me ? Is this the threshold for the transport or the nuclear reaction of theses ions ?

Thank you.

Ngoc Duy TRINH, PhD student, GANIL, France
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below you are mixing up PRECISIO and NEW-DEFA default settings, which are
alternative to each other. The first indeed adopts 100 keV thresholds, the
second 10 MeV. Now, light ions up to alphas included take by default these
respective thresholds, i.e. 100 keV or 10 MeV intended as total kinetic
energy, so corresponding to different energies per nucleon depending on
the ion mass. A safe way to ascertain what is going on is to look at the
output file, where the (total kinetic) thresholds actually applied are
For all heavier ions, the alpha threshold scaled by the mass ratio
applies, i.e. 25keV/A or 2.5 MeV/A.



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On Wed, 16 Dec 2015, Ngoc-Duy Trinh wrote:

> Dear FLUKA users,
> Could you please let me confirm the default TRANSPORT threshold for deuteron, 3He, alpha
> in FLUKA ?
> For exemple i found in that for
> "Particle transport threshold set at 100 keV, except neutrons (1E-5 eV), and
> (anti)neutrinos (0, but they are discarded by default anyway)"
> And i found in other FLUKA dicuss that :
> "
> The transport energy threshold for the alpha particles is set by the
> DEFAULTS card and it can be overwritten using the PART-THR card.
> For example if you are using the NEW-DEFA default the particle transport
> threshold is 10 MeV, i.e., 2.5 MeV/n for the alpha particles and for the
> heavy ions.
> "
> So if i understand well, the transport threshold is 2.5 MeV/n for heavy ion (alpha,
> deuteron...) and 100 keV for all other particle ?
> Could you confirm this point for me ?
> Thank you so much for your help
> --
> TRINH Ngoc Duy

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