[fluka-discuss]: Attenuation coefficient measurement

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Dear members,

I just join FLUKA but before getting ahead can anyone helpe me out with these questions, i highly appreciate that,

Whether FLuka code alone can calcualte attenuation coefficient of any material with gamma or neutorn soource as source?

is this code only work on LINUX system or if i do have Fortran language it may work?

thank you for your reply.



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Subject: [fluka-discuss]: Dose profile due to GCR

Dear FLUKA experts,

I have an emission sphere of GCR and a spherical water target. My expectation is that I should get a decreasing profile of dose distribution along the target radius (highest value on the surface, lowest toward the center). However, what I do get is a randomized dose distribution:



Looks like 60 cm of water shows no attenuation whatsoever.

Can someone take a look at my input file and let me know what I do wrong?

I also include 6 GCR source files for the proton to carbon nuclei.

thank you,



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