[fluka-discuss]: Activity calculation using RESNUCLEI card

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Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2016 14:26:15 +0530

Dear Fluka experts,
                   I was trying to calculate the induced activity in a
gold foil (197Au) for the moderated neutron source
spectra. Both the source and the foil were kept within
in an aluminum cylinder inside a (30×30×30) cm3 box
filled with water. My interest is to get the activity
which in reality I will be getting from 411 KeV photon
generated from the decay of 198Au to 198Hg. The primary
energy of the neutron beam was taken as 4 MeV
(mono-energetic). Neutron yield was 2.97E7 and the
irradiation time was set for 172800 s. Both the decay
and cooling time was set as zero second.
[Input file & results are attached below]

From the RESNUCLEI output I am getting total activity 178.82 +/- 8.24% Bq.

This value consists of three components as per the output…

1. Residual nuclei (198Au) : 93.4 +/- 7.2% Bq

2. Isomers:

      A Z mth Activity

     197 79 1 2.48E+00 +/- 99.0 %

     198 79 1 8.29E+01 +/- 7.2 %

My question is

a. What is the difference between the two values (Residual nuclei and
Isomers) of 198Au??

b. To compare with the experimental results (let’s say, when measuring 411
KeV photons using HPGe detector) which value (either only Residual nuclei
or including both the values of 198Au) should be taken??

Thanks a lot in advance for your help!!

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