Re: [fluka-discuss]: Activity calculation using RESNUCLEI card

From: <>
Date: Mon, 2 May 2016 10:51:40 +0530

Dear sir,
         Thank you so much for your response.
Actually I have measured the activity from the peak corresponding to the
411 KeV of gamma photon using HPGe detector.

According to your suggestion i.e. "Residual nuclei are always considered
at the ground state while the isomeric excited states of gold, with their
activity toward the decay to the ground state".
From the last line of your statement what I understand is that this
isomer(198Au) is surely emitting photons.
Now, if 197Au absorbs a neutron then other than decaying through beta
followed by gamma is there any other way of decay to come to ground

Again, I did the same simulation in vacuum for the pure thermal neutron
(0.025 eV)where the I got only Residual nuclei and no ISOMER (198Au)was
formed. Is it forming only for high energy neutrons!!!

One more observation is that, my experimental results are more or less
(within ±15 %)close to the value shown by the "RESIDUAL NUCLEI" value. The
total activity obtained from simulation is very as compared to
experimentally observed one.
But logically still I am not sure which one to take..

Please if you can check the input file and results once more to solve the

thanks in advance..

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