Re: [fluka-discuss]: Fluka-Matlab link

From: Vittorio Boccone <>
Date: Sun, 1 May 2016 21:59:40 +0200

Hi Masoomeh,

The first error is related to the fact that you pass “-NO`” instead of “-N0”. Option “-N” expect a integer not a letter…. hell that was hard to spot…

In the second error you also mistype the linux command line FUPRO instead of $FLUPRO.

P.S. It’s good practice to avoid directory names with spaces in linux

> On May 1, 2016, at 9:33 AM, Masoomeh Yarmohammadi <> wrote:
> Dear Marlon, Vittorio and Mary,
> Many Thanks for your fruitful discussion and sorry for this late reply.
> I am going step by step according to your suggestions and thanks a gain.
> Dear Marlon and Vittorio, I start to run the Fluka via terminal command. The response is not as I was expecting. It says the "End of Fluka run" but, it does not show ant running process on the terminal, ====Running FLUKA for cycle # 1===, as it is in the page 26 of Fluka Manual.pdf. Also the result of run is not created in the *.inp contained folder. The Terminal Screen shot and the zip format of the *.inp and flair file is attached to this email.
> By the way, I installed Fluka and opened the terminal in Fedora22.
> Looking forward to here from You and All the other Fluka Experts.
> Best regards,
> Masoomeh Yarmohammadi Satri
> Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, School of Particles and Accelerator, Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM)
> E-mail : <>, <>
> <Terminal-Fluka run1.png><Scan of traget>

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