[fluka-discuss]: Compilation problema

From: Federico Geser <fgeser_at_famaf.unc.edu.ar>
Date: Sun, 1 May 2016 15:46:55 -0300

Dear FLUKA experts,

I'm trying to compile and executable with Flair, linking with lpdm3qmd in
order to make ion transport on hadrotherapy issues. This should use the
default FLUKA source files (I have not modified any source file).

This is giving me the next problem:

*Started 2016.05.01 15:39:36>>> Linking: /usr/local/fluka/flutil/ldpm3qmd
-o prueba -m fluka$FLUPRO = /usr/local/fluka now linking
x /usr/local/fluka/libflukahp.a fluka.orm: cannot remove ‘prueba.map’: No
such file or directoryg77 -m32 -O3 -g -fexpensive-optimizations
-funroll-loops -fstrength-reduce -Wall -fno-automatic -fno-silent
-ffortran-bounds-check -I/usr/local/fluka/flukapro -v -o prueba -Xlinker
-Map -Xlinker prueba.map fluka.o tmpo/evdini.o tmpo/eventd.o tmpo/eveout.o
tmpo/eveqmd.o tmpo/evqmdi.o tmpo/idd2f.o tmpo/idf2d.o tmpo/zrdpcm.o
tmpo/zrrqcm.o -L/usr/local/fluka -L/usr/local/fluka/interface
-L/usr/local/fluka/latestRQMD -ldpmjet3 -lrqmd
-lflukahp/usr/local/fluka/flutil/lfluka: line 156: g77: command not
foundEnded: 2016.05.01 15:39:36Error linkingError: executable is not
Does anyone know what can be causing this? As far as I know, all variables
(FLUPRO and so on) are correctly defined.

Thanks in advance!


Alejandro Geser Lic.,
                                                 PhD. Student – Of. 232 -
CONICET - Argentina,

      D.N.I.: 34.682.776.

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