[fluka-discuss]: Prompt gamma spectrum

From: Priyada P [MU-MCNS] <priyada.p_at_manipal.edu>
Date: Mon, 2 May 2016 04:46:48 +0000

Dear FLUKA experts,

I am trying to simulate a prompt gamma spectrum from aqueous NaCl due to mono energetic neutron beam of energy 1 keV . The gamma peaks of interest are 511 keV, 788 keV, 1.16 MeV, 1.95 MeV and 2.2 MeV (as per PGAA data base ).

The spectrum is scored using USRTRACK option (Emin 60 keV Emax 3 MeV 100 bins).

However, on comparison with the experimental results, simulated spectrum found to be broader . As it is seen in the below Figure, peaks are having a width of approximately 0.4 MeV . The gamma peaks observed at 511 keV and 2.2 MeV peaks are narrow peaks though. A comparison of RIPL-3 database of 36Cl* decay is also compared in the Figure. RIPL-3 yield is given as Probability that a level decays through the given gamma-ray emission. It is the ratio of the total electromagnetic decay of the level to the intensity of the gamma-ray.?

Can someone help me to resolve this problem by suggesting the database which is considered in the FLUKA simulations, if its not RIPL-3.

What can be the reason behind this difference?



Post Doctoral Research Fellow,

Manipal Centre for Natural Sciences,

Manipal University


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