RE: [fluka-discuss]: Normalizing fluence from USRBDX

From: Francesco Cerutti <>
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2016 11:58:01 +0200


> So reading the USRBDX entry on the online manual, I see that
> fluence/current data should be normalized by the width of the energy
> bin, and 2*pi (for one-way scoring).

if you look at the *sum.lis file produced by postprocessing, you will find
there already the integral value (integrated over energy and angle). For a
double differential plot, instead, you do not want to renormalize by the
energy and angle bin widths. For a single differential one (in energy),
the renormalization is just by the angular range and it is already
provided by postprocessing, to be plotted in Flair.

> Taking the last step should be
> normalizing against the cm^-2 part, to go from fluence/current to just
> the number of particles detected.

This further normalization is done already by FLUKA only if you input the
area of the boundary surface in the USRBDX card. Otherwise, you can do it
yourself afterwards, as you wrote below it's just a trivial multiplication
(moving from particle number - weighted by the angle cos - to actual
fluence in cm-2 - thanks to the weight above already embedded in the
number -).

> Does the cm^-2 represent the area of the boundary between the two
> regions that particles are travelling to/from?




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