Re: [fluka-discuss]: Built and import an anthropomorphic phantom in Fluka

From: Francesco Di Matteo <>
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2017 18:58:50 +0000

Dear Vittorio,

following your instructions, i was able to import the icrp phantom on fluka and run

succesfully some simulations but i have a question about the plots that i obtain from simulations. I'll send you an image of what i'm talking about. In detail, in every plot i did, there is a parallelepiped cage sourrounding the phantom. I think this cage corrispond to region VOXEL in the geometry, and fluka manual (page 298) says that this region VOXEL is a sort of cage for all the voxels of the model. According to the manual I assigned to this region the material vacuum. I also assigned air and other materials to the phantom but everytime i do the plots i see this cage contour around the phantom.

Do you know if this cage, that appears like a discontinuity, can affect the results of my simulations or it is just a problem of visualization due to the import of the model in fluka?? The plot is an energy usrbin.

Thank you very much for your help,

Best regards


Da: Vittorio Boccone <>
Inviato: sabato 26 novembre 2016 18.33.36
A: Francesco Di Matteo
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Hi Matteo,
If you are new to Fluka I would suggest you to go thought the course material to get familiar with the lingo and the feature of the code.
About the ICRP, check those two threads:

Please read the thread, here you might find also some chunk of code which might expo you on the way:


On 26 Nov 2016, at 11:55, Francesco Di Matteo <<>> wrote:

Dear Fluka Experts,
I'm an engineer and in this period I'm working on my thesis with Fluka. In particular, my project is about the validation of a shielding material and then use this material to set up a dosimetric analysis on a human phantom. My problem is just on the construction of the phantom.
The models that I have to use are the adult reference phantoms from the ICRP publication 110.

I chose the male model, that is made of the following files:
- AM.dat
- AM_blood.dat
- AM_media.dat
- AM_organs.dat
- AM_spongiosa.dat

My question is: how can i use all these files to built a full complete phantom ( with all organs..) and import it in Fluka??
I understand that the way is the voxel conversion and i also found on the fluka manual a program but I don't know how to work in the correct way.
Can someone guide me ?

Many thanks for considering my request and for the support.
Best regards
Francesco Di Matteo

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