[fluka-discuss]: Problems with Energy Binning Control and Discontinuity Across High/Low Neutron Energy Boundary

From: Benjamin Smithers <brsmithe_at_ucsc.edu>
Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2017 16:25:51 -0800

Dear FLUKA Experts,

We're simulating the neutron flux that arises when a 10GeV electron beam
strikes a Tungsten target.

The target geometry and requested energy binning (USRBDX) is shown in the
attached .inp file.

We are looking at both the raw (Neutrons_tab.lis) and 1-MeV equivalent
(1MeVNeut_tab.lis) neutron fluxes. For the output we believe we are
requesting 20 energy bins between the beam energy and 1 KeV and we are
having trouble interpreting the results.

In the 1 MeV equivalent output the requested course binning overlaps with
the fine low energy neutron groups output. Expressed in
flux/cmq/primary/GeV, the output seems to differ between the coarse and
fine binning.

Although our binning requests in the input file for raw neutrons and 1 MeV
equivalent neutrons are identical, for the raw neutron binning there is no
overlap in the coarse and fine energy range. Again, though, expressed in
flux/cmq/primary/GeV there appears to be a discontinuity at the high-energy
low-energy boundary of 20 MeV.

We are perplexed by this behavior, and wonder if there is a problem in our
input card or our interpretation of the output files. Any hints that you
can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Benjamin Smithers
Bruce Schumm
Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics

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