Re: [fluka-discuss]: Problems with Energy Binning Control and Discontinuity Across High/Low Neutron Energy Boundary

From: Benjamin Smithers <>
Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2017 09:46:06 -0800

Dear Anton,

Indeed I did, my apologies! I have attached the correct input file to this

Thank you,

On Thu, Feb 2, 2017 at 11:01 PM, Anton Lechner <>

> Dear Benjamin,
> I suppose you produced the output with another input file than the one
> attached? Could you be so kind and send me the input file which contains
> the scorings you attached to the Email.
> Thanks!
> Anton
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> *Subject:* [fluka-discuss]: Problems with Energy Binning Control and
> Discontinuity Across High/Low Neutron Energy Boundary
> Dear FLUKA Experts,
> We're simulating the neutron flux that arises when a 10GeV electron beam
> strikes a Tungsten target.
> The target geometry and requested energy binning (USRBDX) is shown in the
> attached .inp file.
> We are looking at both the raw (Neutrons_tab.lis) and 1-MeV equivalent
> (1MeVNeut_tab.lis) neutron fluxes. For the output we believe we are
> requesting 20 energy bins between the beam energy and 1 KeV and we are
> having trouble interpreting the results.
> In the 1 MeV equivalent output the requested course binning overlaps with
> the fine low energy neutron groups output. Expressed in
> flux/cmq/primary/GeV, the output seems to differ between the coarse and
> fine binning.
> Although our binning requests in the input file for raw neutrons and 1 MeV
> equivalent neutrons are identical, for the raw neutron binning there is no
> overlap in the coarse and fine energy range. Again, though, expressed in
> flux/cmq/primary/GeV there appears to be a discontinuity at the high-energy
> low-energy boundary of 20 MeV.
> We are perplexed by this behavior, and wonder if there is a problem in our
> input card or our interpretation of the output files. Any hints that you
> can provide will be greatly appreciated.
> Sincerely,
> Benjamin Smithers
> Bruce Schumm
> Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics

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