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Dear Zafar,

I am afraid I don't fully understand your setup (which I guess should model the SC linac of SPIRAL2?). I looked at the geometry (which you sent me offline) and it appears that your cavities each have a 1 cm thick steel wall but without any entrance or exit port for the beam. Can you explain in more detail what you want to do? Otherwise it is difficult to give some advice on biasing.

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Dear FLUKA experts,

We have a series of Cryomodules (Type A (paralleleoppiped 12 in number and Type B cylinders 7 in number).
The air gap is present between two modules as shown in fig. below. For each module we have also a plastic
scientillator , total 20 in number, acting as beam loss monitors. Detectors can also be seen in fig. below.


Due to the air gap between the modules we cannot use importance biasing. Am I right? We have proton beam
around 20 MeV and heavy ion beams around 60 MeV. I want to confirm type of biasing that can be used here.

Secondly, what is current status to use deutrons as beam particles in FLUKA.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

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