How to interpret USRBDX output file

From: Gabriel Sawakuchi (
Date: Thu May 12 2005 - 02:00:19 CEST

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    Dear Fluka users,

    I would like to plot the fluence vs energy of the
    primary beam particles after the particles have
    transversed 14.479 cm in water.

    I am using a 0.6 GeV 4-HELIUM BEAM and I am not
    sure how to interpret the output file. The output is a
    5 columns data file where the first two columns are
    the lower and upper limits of the binning. How the
    data in the other columns are formated ? A piece of my
    output file is like

    l(i)=line i of Fully-Integrated Fluence

    Lower energy Upper energy cm**-2 l(i)-l(i+1)
    1.19E-001 1.27E-001 0.00E+000 0.00
    1.27E-001 1.36E-001 0.00E+000 0.00
    1.36E-001 1.45E-001 1.70E-002 0.02
    1.45E-001 1.55E-001 6.00E-001 0.58
    1.55E-001 1.66E-001 9.98E-001 0.04
    1.66E-001 1.77E-001 1.00E+000 0.00
    1.77E-001 1.89E-001 1.00E+000 0.00
        : : : :
        : : : :
    5.75E-001 6.14E-001 1.00E+000 0.00
    6.14E-001 6.56E-001 1.00E+000 0.00
    6.56E-001 7.00E-001 1.00E+000 0.00

    I am getting non-zero "numbers" for energies higher
    than the beam energy. If I consider the data as line
    minus the previous line as I showed above in the
    column 4 it makes sense. So is it the correct way to
    read the data ?



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