Re: about MGDRAW and BXDRAW ?

From: Giuseppe Battistoni (
Date: Fri Jan 13 2006 - 14:40:46 CET

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    Dear Maher,
    the BXDRAW entry of MGDRAW can be activated, for instance, with a
    WHAT(3)=2 in the USERDUMP card.
    However: think twice before using this for your problem in
    case you are going to make use of biasing! The management of weights might
    be a critical thing. You need at least a USRBDX estimator to check what
    your doing.

    Anyway, all infos that you mentions are accessible by the (TRACKR)
    common. Unfortunately the manual might still contain some mistake: you
    have to look inside the (TRACKR) file that is contained in the flukapro
    subdirectory inside $FLUPRO:
    $ more $FLUPRO/flukapro/\(TRACKR\) (or cat, lpr, etc.)


    On Fri, 13 Jan 2006, Maher CHEIKH MHAMED wrote:

    > Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 11:34:22 +0100
    > From: Maher CHEIKH MHAMED <>
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    > Subject: about MGDRAW and BXDRAW ?
    > Dear all Fluka users,
    > Firstly i will present my problem ,
    > I have many configurations of labyrinths to simulate. For this purpose
    > and in order to limit the amount of CPU time for the calculations,
    > I am trying to create a "collision tape" file, in wihch particles
    > information reaching a virtual plane which is the boundary between air
    > and the entry of the labyrinth.
    > As i understood the main informations that fluka needs to transport
    > particles crossing the virtual plane to the entry of the labyrinth are:
    > * Number of total particles
    > *Total weight of the particles
    > *Energy
    > *Particle type
    > *Coordinates of particle
    > *Direction cosines
    > So my questions are:
    > 1/ How to activate BXDRAW in the subroutine MGDRAW with the USERDUMP
    > card ? (I could not found indication in the fluka manual)
    > 2/ Since the location of the beam and the target are so far from the
    > entry of labyrinth and particles should interact with many local
    > shielding materials before reaching the entry of the labyrinth, should
    > i need information of primaries to store in the "collision tape" file
    > with SODRAW ?
    > 3/ If in the INCLUDE file TRACKR (properties of the currently
    > transported particle) i could not found all informations about
    > parameters that i may use especially (Total weight, number of total
    > particles (NTRACK ???) ?
    > In the Fluka manual 2005.6 it was mentionated ".... Files flukaadd.add
    > and emfadd.add contain a full documentation about the meaning of the
    > variables of these INCLUDE files..." but i could not found this in the
    > fluka 2005.6 package.!! how can i get it ?
    > Any helps please,
    > Best regards
    > Maher

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