RE: about MGDRAW and BXDRAW ?

From: Chris Theis (
Date: Fri Jan 13 2006 - 16:12:49 CET

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    Dear Maher,

    If I understand you correctly you would like to save particles entering
    a certain region and restart with them as a kind of 2-step approach.
    This is certainly possible but you have to be careful about a couple of
    things. First of all, the region where you would like to save the
    particles must be set to blackhole and no other material! The reason is
    that you have to stop the particles at the entry point because otherwise
    you might store particles that are back-scattered more than once and
    this will lead to incorrect results. Second, you have to pay attention
    to the weight of the particles as Giuseppe pointed out. Writing out the
    weight of each particle is of course required but not enough because the
    results should be normalized per primary. This means that in the second
    step you have to have the information available how many primary
    particles where started and set the WEIPRI variable accordingly.

    The variables you are looking for:

    * Number of total particles --> NCASES
    * Weight of the track --> WTRACK
    * Energy --> ETRACK - AM(JTRACK) (for the kinetic energy)
    * Particle type -> Jtrack
    * Coordinates of particle -> xsco, ysco, zsco
    * Direction cosines --> cxtrck, cytrck, cztrck

    I already have an implementation of such a 2-step approach that takes
    care of the aforementioned things and furthermore can be fully
    configured via the input file. Consequently, you don't need to adapt the
    MGDRAW routine for different geometries and regions. In case you would
    like to use it just drop me a mail and I'll send it to you.



    Chris Theis
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    1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland
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