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From: g4736524@student.mahidol.ac.th
Date: Wed Jan 31 2007 - 10:56:33 CET

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    Dear Fluka author,

        I have modified source.f to illuminate
    isotropic beam of neutron to my 6-tubes neutron
    monitor but after run fluka and put the binary
    file from USRBIN to flukaGUI, it seem that the
    neutron beam did not reach to my monitor as much
    as I think. Is it because of my starting point of
    the beam far from the monitor? (i 've changed from
    1000 to 500 and last one is 100 as you see in my
    attachment.) Or I did somethings wrong with the

    Ps I attached the data for using in source.f and
    the picture from flukaGUI too.

    Thank in advance
    Best regards,
    Preeksingh ...

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