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From: Markus Brugger (
Date: Wed Jan 31 2007 - 22:50:00 CET

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    Hi Sunil,

    it's difficult to understand the issue and give you a consistent answer
    without knowing more details about the observed peak at 90deg as well as
    the performed simulation. Could you please send us:

    - the plot(s) of the mentioned result
    - the respective input (and all possible necessary user routines) in
    order to be able to run the simulation if needed

    thanks a lot


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    > Hi All
    > I am calculating photoneutrons from a thick target at angles
    > from forward to backward, using a simple beam (energy 2.0
    > GeV) target setup.USERYIELD cards are used to score the
    > double differential yields. I find that total neutron/sr/e
    > (integrated over energy) peaks at 90 deg ad is symmetrical
    > about it. I have not seen any literature depecting this
    > behaviour. In Stevenson et al. NIM 216 1983 99-103, such an
    > anisotropy is explained away by subtracting the background
    > contribution.
    > They have commented about an experiment where such behaviour
    > is known to ocuur at low energies. The incident eenrgy was
    > much higher compared to what I am doing now.
    > I would like to know what the experts in this field think about it.
    > Sunil

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