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From: Joseph Comfort (
Date: Mon Feb 12 2007 - 00:28:38 CET

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    Dear Giuseppe,

    Thank you for pointing out the bug regarding negative C in log(C).
    That was the problem, and I did some apprpriate recoding. (It turns
    out that E2 was not needed in that case; only E3.) I had copied code
    from someone else's Geant4 application, so MC comparisons could be
    made. I'll let them know. I guess traps have to be set explicitly
    in order for such errors to be flagged.

    Thanks for the note on the random number generator. I didn't know
    the name of the function in Fluka. Using rand(0) was convenient
    because I could check the algorithm with a stand-alone program,
    and the quality was a minor issue for me here.

    I initially ran the calculations on an x86_64 machine with SuSE 10.1,
    kernel 2.6.16 (rev. 27), compiling the Fluka application with gcc/g77
    3.3.5. I then tried a i686 machine that has SuSE 10.2, kernel
    2.6.20_rc5, with the same gcc/g77. (SuSE 10.2 comes with kernel
    2.6.18, but I picked up a later, unofficial version, to get around
    a bug of some sort--not successfully, unfortunately.) In both cases,
    gdb, versions 6.4 and 6.5, did not recognize the core dump as being
    a core file. I then tried a i386 (PIII) machine on which I still
    had SuSE 9.3, kernel 2.6.11 (rev. 4). The only thing I could get
    from gdb, version 6.3, was the lines I put in the first message.
    Only gcc3/g77 is available on SuSE 9.3. The 10.x distributions
    install with gcc4/gfortran. Although the gdb is said to have
    partial support for g77 in these latter cases, that apparently is
    not enough.

    SuSE was close to not making gcc3/g77 available at all, but several
    users got a reprieve for awhile. I believe g77 is no longer being
    supported, and all work is going into gfortan. It is pretty stable
    now, and I have not had any problems, after making suitable adjustments
    (e.g., for the Cernlib). Other distributions are also moving to
    gfortran. It would be good to have a parallel gfortran version of

    As a final note, the output I am getting from the simulation is
    puzzling to me. It is just a simulation of a beamline collimation.
    Although the beam is (or is intended to be) cylindrically symmetric
    I am seeing a slight drift towards positive X as it goes through
    the collimator. Not much, but well outside statistical errors,
    I think. I had been seeing this is some other such simulations.
    I'm examining the issue and if I can confirm that it is not some
    bias on my part, I'll make a separate issue. In the meantime,
    any ideas of things to look at would be appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Joe Comfort

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