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Date: Mon Feb 12 2007 - 09:51:45 CET

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    Appleby, RB (Robert) a écrit :

    >I was wondering if you could give me some help and advice
    >on using FLUKA?
    >I have created a simualation of the LHC beampipe, and fire
    >some protons through some fields and into the beampipe wall. The hope
    >is to compute particle distribution after showering to feed into another
    >simualtion, so I need to extract the 4-vectors of particles
    >inside FLUKA. Essentially, instead of producing some energy deposition
    >histogram, I want to read out the actual particle information.
    >Is this possible?
    >Many thanks,
    >Rob Appleby (University of Manchester, UK)

    Depending on what you really want, you can use an estimator USRBIN,
    USRBDX, USRTRACK, USRYIELD (see those sections in fluka's manual) to
    score various particle fluences, or you can use USERDUMP with mgdraw.f
    routine for instance which can give you as many informations on the run
    you wish (see chapter 11 "collision tape" and 12 "user routines" of the
    current manual).

    Hope it helps.

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