Re: extraction 4-vectors from FLUKA

From: paola sala (
Date: Mon Feb 12 2007 - 09:52:55 CET

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    Dear Rob,

    yes, it is possible. It is not clear to me what does it mean "after
    showering" : out of the beam pipe? below a certain threshold?

    You should customize the mgdraw.f user routine ( in the usermvax

    This routine can be called every time "something" happens, and it has
    different entry points depending on the event type. For instance, if you
    need to dump particles exiting from the beam pipe, you'll have to
    use the entry BXDRAW, that is called at each boundary crossing.You'll
     get the "out" and "in" region numbers and the crossing position from
    the arguments of the entry. For the other particle properties, they are
    stored in the TRACKR common that is already included in mgdraw.f . For
    instance, the particle ID (Fluka numbering) is stored in JTRACK, the
    total energy in Etrack and so on ( see comments in
    $FLUPRO/flukapro/(TRACKR) and the fluka manual, section 12 )

    -- The mgdraw.f routine is called only if the USERDUMP card is issued
    ( see the manual, with the addition that the boundary crossing entry is
    called every time the user asked either "trajectories" or "energy
    depositions" are asked for.). The output is written by default on an
    unformatted file, and default quantities are dumped, but every
    customization is possible just changing the oper and write statements in
    the mgdraw.f.

    --- WARNINGS :
       - the amount of output can diverge easily
        - if biasing is used in the source or in the showering the
    propagation to further calculations must be tacken into account with
    care. ( beware, with some of the defaults the non-analogue thermal
    neutron absorption is switched on authomatically)
        - transport and production thresholds will of course influence the
    dumped quantities

    Hope this help


    On Thu, 2007-02-08 at 10:32 +0000, Appleby, RB (Robert) wrote:
    > Hello,
    > I was wondering if you could give me some help and advice
    > on using FLUKA?
    > I have created a simualation of the LHC beampipe, and fire
    > some protons through some fields and into the beampipe wall. The hope
    > is to compute particle distribution after showering to feed into another
    > simualtion, so I need to extract the 4-vectors of particles
    > inside FLUKA. Essentially, instead of producing some energy deposition
    > histogram, I want to read out the actual particle information.
    > Is this possible?
    > Many thanks,
    > Rob Appleby (University of Manchester, UK)

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