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From: Ercan Pilicer (
Date: Tue Mar 27 2007 - 09:28:05 CEST

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    i heard that different platform could be result in pretty little
    diffences in the simulations since the floating number handlers. that
    could be the reason?

    On 3/27/07, Sunil C <> wrote:
    > Hi All
    > I have been trying to run a source routine with a simple geometry. I have
    > two concentric spheres and am checking the boundary crossing from the inner
    > sphere to the outer with the source at the center. I am expecting a
    > cumulative yield of 1.0 since I have vacuum all around. I used the same
    > input and source routine on two different machines. While I get the expected
    > result on my laptop( with Fedora core 6) , I get a cumulative yield of 0.7
    > on my desktop (running FC2). I also see from the USRBDX that the energy
    > has been sampled properly from the source, as the plot of cumulative from
    > the USRBDX perfectly matches my cumulative input in the source. This is not
    > so in the other case.
    > I have attached the input, source.f and the outputs from the 2 different
    > machines.
    > Can someone please tell what is happening?
    > Regards
    > Sunil

    Ercan Pilicer
    High Energy Physics Department
    Uludag University, Turkey

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