Same input different results

From: Sunil C (
Date: Tue Mar 27 2007 - 07:31:57 CEST

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    Hi All
    I have been trying to run a source routine with a simple geometry. I have
    two concentric spheres and am checking the boundary crossing from the inner
    sphere to the outer with the source at the center. I am expecting a
    cumulative yield of 1.0 since I have vacuum all around. I used the same
    input and source routine on two different machines. While I get the expected
    result on my laptop( with Fedora core 6) , I get a cumulative yield of
    0.7on my desktop (running FC2). I also see from the USRBDX that the
    has been sampled properly from the source, as the plot of cumulative from
    the USRBDX perfectly matches my cumulative input in the source. This is not
    so in the other case.
    I have attached the input, source.f and the outputs from the 2 different
    Can someone please tell what is happening?


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